Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Obsession! To Lie?

A colleague of mine resigned from the job and the reason she gave was that she was pregnant and her husband was moving to US so she would be going to her in laws place to make sure she is well taken care of. We would have believed her only if we had not known how much she liked lying. And to add on to that she booked tickets for herself and her husband for Dubai after a couple of days of giving that reason to all of us. The trip was supposed to happen after 2 months. Huh!

Obsession is a compulsive disorder which makes us to do something repetitively. I have seen people obsessed with checking time in their watches, washing hands, checking for messages on their phones or mail boxes. I am myself obsessed with cleaning. If I see dirt somewhere in my house, I won't relax until I clean that. But, can someone be obsessed with telling a lie? My observation says YES.

Now, this colleague of mine went to Dubai, had a nice time there and uploaded her pictures on facebook (the culprit :D ) and some of us saw those pictures. Not all can remain silent after catching a funny lie like this so another colleague of mine asked her why her husband has not gone to US and why she is still not looking like a mom-to-be (She meant the absence of swollen belly :D ). People with weak lungs please don't read further as your lungs might get exhausted due to continuous laugh.

Now this dear colleague of ours said that she had a miscarriage and so she was very upset. To bring her out of that depression, her husband planned a trip to Dubai and so they went there!!! Oh my god! We wanted to tell her - we would have believed you my friend only if you would have not booked those tickets to Dubai in front of us!!!!  May be she already knew she would have a miscarriage! :P

Now, if we look at these incidents, we will realize that there was no need to lie. All of us change jobs and we are not answerable to anyone for it, so why give lame excuses? But she did! And the only reason I can find for it is the OBSESSION to lie

This is just one of the several incidents I have come across with her and many others. People lie even if there is no need to do so and what they don't realize is that; one day or the other, they would be caught! Even if they don't come to know of it.