Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Our Love Towards Stress

From what I have observed in the last few years, I have come to the conclusion that Homo Sapiens(human beings) have a tendency to stress themselves no matter what they have. Let’s have a look at some of the most common reasons we like to stress ourselves about:

• We are stressed because we don’t have a learning job. If it is a learning one we don’t have an envious salary. If we have an envious salary the workplace is too far away. If it is not far away then the work timings are not good. And if, by the grace of god, none of these conditions are applicable in one’s case then the job is too boring. Huh!!

• We are stressed because we are obese and not losing weight. If we are not obese then we are too thin. If we are not thin too then we don’t have an envious body. And if this wasn’t enough we stress ourselves about the fairness cream not doing wonders on our skin, the latest hair fall treatment shampoo not working for our hair and the footwear is not matching the attire. Gosh!

• We are stressed because we couldn’t pass the exam. If we passed, we are stressed because we didn’t score first division. If we scored first division, we are stressed because we didn’t get 80% and if we get 80%, we are still stressed because we didn’t stood first in the class. Can you imagine?!!!

• We are stressed because we don’t have a four wheeler and it’s too risky and hot out there to travel anymore on a two wheeler. If we have a four wheeler, then we are stressed because we don’t have a luxury one. If we have a luxury one, then we are stressed because we don’t have a Mercedes and alas, the neighbour has it! You got to get it right now.

So if you agree to the above stressful points and acknowledge that STRESS is an important part of our lives then please share your views so that I realize that I should not stress myself thinking that I stress myself too much. :P

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I wonder why

It was 26 April 2011, 6:15 AM. I was going through Times of India front page while having my morning tea. At the bottom of the page I saw an article which caught my attention. The article was about Aruna Shanbaug, a nurse who was strangled and raped by a sweeper of the same hospital on 27 November 1973 after which she was left in a vegetative state till now. To be very specific, she is in a vegetative state since last 38 years. Sounds terrible? It does.

I learnt that an appeal was made for mercy killing for her by her friend, a journalist Pinky Virani. The appeal was rejected on the Women's Day 8 March 2011.

The article ends here and there starts my curiosity.

I couldn't resist and searched as much as I could about Aruna Shanbaug on google. The more I learnt, the more curious I became. Finally I couldn't stop myself from placing an online order for the book 'Aruna's Story' written by Pinky Virani.

After I was done with this book, I was forced to ask myself 'Does god really exist?'. One can see the height of life's unpredictibility by reading this book. A girl who was as happy as she could be turned out to be the most unfortunate one in the next 30 mins. 10 mins to be very specific, changed her life forever and changed for the worst.

She was happy that she came out of her village and got a decent job in Bombay (now Mumbai). She was happy that she was going to get married to a doctor who was also a good human being. She was happy that her fiance was about to finish his MD and going to start his own clinic. She was happy about everything which was happening to her.

She left her hostel and started staying with her sister to save money for his fiance clinic. She had already applied leaves from 1 Dec (just 3 days after the incident) to get married. Everything was planned for her and who knew none of these was actually going to be executed!
Not only was she one of the most beautiful nurses of the hospital but also was a quick learner and very sharp minded. She came to work as usual that day and little did she know what the destiny had in store for her. The book mentiones that she had consulted a couple of astrologers and they all told her that she had a one in thousand horoscope. She indeed had.

She paid for being true. Sohanlal, the person who is responsible for turning her life to hell had better plans than her because he got them executed. He not only raped her but also left her in a state which is worse than being dead. If you read the book, you will find that she had asked a fellow nurse to accompany her in the evening when she was supposed to go to change her uniform in the basement where later she was raped the same day. Aruna had gone  to the basement alone. Only if some one could accompany her that day, her life wouldnt have turned so miserable.
I am disturbed whenever I think about her. She was having a life as normal as mine, yours or anyone's. And it changed. I wonder why did this happen to her. I wonder why didn't she die instead of going in a vegetative state for ever. I wonder how unpredictable life can be. I wonder why I am struggling today for everything, for better job, better pay, better lifestyle, better savings, better future; when life is actually so unpredictable!

I just couldnt keep my thoughts to myself so kindly bear with this piece of life's bitter truth.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

How to remove spyware from you system


My system survived a spyware attack recently. This seemed to be one the worst virus attacks I ever had. In case it manages to enter your machine, follow the below steps to get rid of it. 
  • Go to \Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data
  • There will be a folder named as some random number. Delete this folder.
  • There will be one more folder with some random name which combination of some alphabets and some numbers. In my case it was KG092392983. You will see an icon of the virus installed in this folder or its sub folders. Delete this folder as well.
  • If the system does not allow you to delete the files/folders, restart your system and immediately delete these. 

Enjoy working on your machine again! :D