Saturday, February 20, 2010

Test Your GK

Here are a few interesting questions you must know. Answer them and see how many you knew :

1) Do identical twins have same finger prints ?
2) Who wrote our National Song, Vande Matram?
3) 'Bluetooth' technology is named after whom?
4) If you search for something in google and you get just one result, then what is it called?
5) What is the full form of SMS?
6) What is the full form of MMS? I know you know this ;)
7) How many legs do butterflies have?
8) What do you call a group of sheep?
14)Which is the best selling car name of all time?
15)Which is the only vowel on a standard keyboard that is not on the top line of letters?
16)Which metal is liquid at room temperature?
17)Pencil lead is made of?
18)What does the acronym RTOS stand for?
19)In which organ of the body the pineal gland?
20)In which year was Mahatma Gandhi assassinated?

Answers : 

1) No
2) Bankim Chandra Chaterjee
3) Harold Bluetooth-2, Viking King of 9th Century 
4) Google Whacking
5) Short Message Service
6) Mutimedia Messaging Service
7) 6
8) A Flock of Sheep
9) Big Apple
12)Intelligent. hahahaha..this is funny!
14)Toyota Corolla
18)Real Time Operating System


  1. Title should say... "Test you GK", IQ and GK are two distinct things!

  2. Very good start Kiran! Look forward to more posts from you!.

    Correction in last comment "Test you GK" please read as "Test your GK".

  3. According ur IQ test my IQ is 3 out of 10.