Friday, September 17, 2010

Can somebody explain this?

It was when I was going through a book 'Women - A primer for Men' that I encountered these lines. Can some body please explain what it means?

“Women ask men impossible to answer questions because the question we actually asked is not he question we really want answered. You only have to lie if you answer the question we actually asked rather than the one we really want answered. You would not have to lie if you ignored the question we actually asked and answered the question we really wanted answered. This is specially true if the question we actually asked requires the man to give an opinion in his answer which is never permitted. (If a man gives a woman his opinion on any topic he should immediately apologize and humbly beg her forgiveness unless said opinion deals directly with automobiles or power tools.) Be advised that women ask these questions as a test. We are determining your ability to read subtext, deciding whether to continue the relationship or not, and seeing how clever you really are as shown by the quality of your answer. You will remember that women are naturally more sibylline than men and that we enjoy playing that delightful game "Confuse-A-Male". This has been a test. This has only been a test. If this had been an actual emergency requiring an opinion we would have
asked a woman.” 

He has also written 'Men - A primer for Women' but has not written anything of this sort for men. I wonder why and so do all the existing women on the earth. May be because he is a man. :)